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How to wear your Latte with your Velorbis Backpack

Recently we opened our very first Velorbis Concept Store in Norway – and now Embla bunader in Stavanger enjoy our Backpack and Ladies clutch together with their fine new fashion styles. Hello handsome! Our Backpack is spacious enough for both your computer, notes etc.. Backpack & Ladies clutch in pleasant conversation in front of the local coffee […]

Autumn colours

Velorbis has linked up with famous fashion blogger Lida. She is a dental surgeon that loves fashion. Her fashion and beauty blog is an honest look at her life through pictures, videos, and text, and she loves to communicate with her readers and answer questions. You can also enjoy snippets of her life and be […]

Google logo bikes by Velorbis

Velorbis leverer unikke cykler til Googles nye datacenter Når Googles 46.000 kvadratmeter store datacenter i Fredericia står klart senere på efteråret, får de ansatte muligheden for at bevæge sig fra A til B. Danske Velorbis har nemlig specialdesignet 17 unikke cykler, som netop er blevet leveret. Velorbis’ Grundlægger Kenneth Bødiker fik bl.a. til opgave at […]

Real Estate Agent Danbolig arrives in style

Now you can meet your local Danbolig estate agent on a Velorbis cargo bike. Danbolig Roskilde has just ordered this branded beauty. Velorbis has been helping companies with branded bicycle projects since 2006. We have great experience in designing and producing branded bicycles for all kinds of projects. We have a normal delivery time of […]

Velorbis takes fashion blogger Lida on a stylish ride to the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Velorbis has linked up with famous fashion blogger Lida. Originally from Kosovo, but born and raised in Denmark, Ilirida Krasniqi (also known as Lida) is a dental surgeon that loves fashion and teaches Zumba. Her fashion and beauty blog is an honest look at her life through pictures, videos and text, and she loves to communicate with […]

We delivered a fleet of cargo bikes just like this beauty to Skanska. Not only can their employees now commute around building sites and office locations, but they also get happy, healthy, and motivated people and as icing on the cake, Skanska gets brand visibility and good vibes from everyone who sees the bikes in […]

Introducing our new Urban Chic Gents cycle

Now there is a Velorbis for everyone. Introducing the newest members of our bicycle family: Urban Chic ladies and gents classic style bicycles. We have made a simplified version of the iconic and exclusive Kopenhagen Classic cycle. Urban Chic cycles are available in up to 4 different colours without extra charge and come in single […]

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