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Velorbis puts the fun back into transportation with Mobii

Meet the dynamic, multi-functional and premium quality Mobii tricycle hand-built in Denmark.Reflecting the cool, calm and collected Danish cycling culture; the Mobii trike also provides a green alternative for family and small business transportation.For parents, you now have a conscience-friendly incentive to leave the ‘gas guzzler’ or ‘Chelsea tractor’ in the garage. Mobii offers a safe, versatile and fun […]

Bicycles meet fashion – Velorbis promotion in Magasin, Copenhagen

  Velorbis was delighted when Magasin approached them to create an exclusive competition and in-store bicycle display. As Denmark’s first ever department store established in 1868, Magasin has a great history. Its combination of heritage and style vision tempts all fashion savvy Danes and international visitors to Denmark. In June this year, a selection of Velorbis bicycle icons were accessorized alongside […]

Velorbis sponsors The Slow Bicycle Movement

SCRAP DELUXE GENTS WINS THE COPENHAGEN STAGE Velorbis is pleased to sponsor The Slow Bicycle Movement, founded in Copenhagen by Mikael Colville-Andersen; often referred to as the leading ambassador of Copenhagen cycling culture.  “Style over speed” is its ethos. Just shift the gears into full-time cruise control and enjoy the actual cycling experience.  There have been some really fun […]

Velorbis Dannebrog joins Dreams on Wheels in London

Velorbis’s iconic ‘lady in red’; the Dannebrog classic bicycle, was unveiled in London during a recent stage of the Dreams on Wheels tour – the unique exhibition that focuses on the bicycle as an important cultural icon.The Dannebrog classic ladies bicycle joins the other members of the Velorbis bicycle family: Victoria Classic ladies and Churchill Classic gents models, Churchill Balloon gents and Scrap Deluxe gents; who […]

Velorbis & COP15 Cycling Tour of Japan 2009

IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE DANISH EMBASSY, MAY 2009 Velorbis was proud to be involved with the COP15 Cycling Tour of Japan. As you know, we fully support urban sustainability initiatives and the push towards carbon-conscious transportation alternatives. Therefore we were exceptionally pleased to assist our friends at the Danish Embassy and the Dreams on Wheels exhibition by providing Velorbis bicycles to […]

Velorbis classic bicycle icon, Scrap Deluxe, featured at Copenhagen Design Week 2009

  Copenhagen Design Week 2009 (27th August – 6th September) was the “essential design event for a changing world” that brought together new and established designers to present socially- and environmentally-conscious ideas and products. The theme of the event was sustainable design; a fitting tribute to the forthcoming COP15 (the historic UN Climate Change Conference) that will be held in Copenhagen […]

Velorbis Scrap Deluxe voted the No.1 gorgeous bicycle for stylish ladies

BY UBER-COOL LIFESTYLE BLOG COPENHAGEN CYCLE CHIC It’s official! The Velorbis Scrap Deluxe ladies bicycle is THE most gorgeous specimen on two wheels. Copenhagen Cycle Chic says: “While the design of the upright bicycle is largely unchanged in 130 years, there are small variations on the different brands. There is just something about the form of Velorbis Scrap Deluxe that appeals. It’s […]

High fashion and classically cool cycling – CPH to NYC

It was nice to see another great city like the ‘Big Apple’ adopting a piece of Copenhagen cycling culture. The recent article in The New York Times – “Whose bike are you wearing?”on 9th September 2009 – brilliantly highlighted how retro style classic bicycles have become an accessory for life and an extension of your personality. Just like fashion […]

Velorbis & New Zealand’s urban cycling movement

A beautiful Velorbis Victoria Classic ladies bicycle was used to illustrate “Opinion: Back on the Chain Gang”; an article by John Landrigan on 1st September in The Aucklander, known as the ‘voice’ of Auckland’s everyday people. The article discusses urban cycling in central Auckland, notably the difference and benefits between cycling on busy roads vs. cruising on designated […]

Velorbis Dannebrog and Danish Design Pedal Trends

Velorbis has linked up with Cycling Denmark in association with Visit Denmark; the kingdom’s official tourist board, to further promote the accessibility, health benefits and enjoyment of Danish cycling culture. Our ‘lady in red’ classic bicycle, Dannebrog, is the exclusive competition prize in Pedal 2009, Cycling Denmark’s official magazine. The competition question: How many kilometres of sign posted cycle […]

Velorbis – a star ascending

Velorbis’ Dannebrog ladies bicycle and Scrap Deluxe gents bicycle were voted top of the list in the “Going up” section of the “Going up Going down” lifestyle product review in New Zealand’s national Sunday newspaper, Sunday Star Times in September. The list regularly reviews what is hot and what is not in the world of consumer lifestyle products. Velorbis bicycles are undeniably […]

Cyclechic in London links up with Velorbis is an online store for the fashion conscious cyclist. Cyclechic sells strictly stylish accessories and bicycles for the modern, urban cyclist.  Caz Nicklin started the blog London Cycle Chic (Londoncyclechic. in November 2007, to promote cycling as a stylish mode of transport. She wasn’t alone in her views; the blog now attracts 60 000 […]

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